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Treaty City Joust Tournament 2018 Entry Form

Rider’s Name              
Horse’s Name              
Class Fee     Shirt      
        Knight/Squire LS/SS Size  
Joust w/skill at arms $100            
skill at arms L1 $10            
skill at arms L2 $10     Song Title Song Artist    
skill at arms L3 $10            
skill at arms L4 $10            
stalls $8 per day     Team Members      
electric hook up $20 per day            
shavings $5.50 per bag            
Shirts 15 each            
  total fees            
Make checks payable to Tom or Kim Nader          
Stalls must be cleaned out prior to departure          
Please include copy of negative coggins with entry          
Please include photos and biographies of horse and rider (may be used in advertisment)    
Please send us the title and artist of your intro song          
   In consideration for my admission to any Combatants Keep Tournament, I agree to enter this show at my own risk. I 
understand that equestrian sports are inherently dangerous and I am willing to assume any risk involved to myself,
my family and guests, my horse(s), my vehicles and addittional property. I further agree to hold harmless the show
management, their volunteers, officials, and property owners for any damage, loos, or injury suffered during ths show or
while on the show ground. I have read and fully understand this release and consent to these conditions to enter this show.
Rider’s Signature         Date    
Legal guardian if under 18            

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