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Fight Practice 3/14/11

Another practice in the books and I believe everyone who was there had a blast. We started with quintain practice. Victoria was riding aside, just to see how it felt and Troy was bareback. Bud did great only being surprised by the bag touching his behind once. Then we worked the ground fights, everyone is doing great and the fights are looking awesome.

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  1. tom nader says:

    At this point I do not know who I am more proud of: our horses, our fighters or our squires-in-training!!! There is just something gratifying about seeing folks develope their potential and blossom into the amazing individuals they are capable of being. Whether we are talking about horses or people, I feel like each and every new accomplishment they make is affirmation that we (Combatant’s Keep) are doing it right! Remember guys, “All good things worth having are worth working for!! The harder it is to accomplish the more valuable it will be to you when you do!” Now enough lollygagging! Get back to work and ‘suck it up cupcakes!!!’ we only have 8 weeks till our first performance of the year!

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