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Fair Time

Less than a week away, Tom, Pat, Casey and Bill will be breaking sticks on each other at the Ohio State Fair. Sun July 29, 2012. Times at 12pm and 5pm at the Coliseum on the fairgrounds. We will be indoors so if there is bad weather you are protected or if you need a break from the sun. Yesterday’s practice proves the show will be exciting and full of adventure.


2 responses to “Fair Time”

  1. Tom Nader says:

    Well it’s T- 36 hours and counting. Really I don’t know exactly how long we have, but it sounded good…lol! Seriously though, it’s Friday morning. I’m up polishing weapons and gear. Then we pack the truck and head to the fair grounds first thing in the morning! Can’t wait to perform in this space!! Hope we see a few familiar faces along with a whole bunch of new ones. Gotta go. My war hammer needs polished!!! 😉

  2. Michelle says:

    See you at the Ohio State Fair. Great performance! You and the horse Love what you do!

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