Casey McCarthy

Finbar McDermot, Lt. Edmund Garrison

Casey is one of the oldest members of CK and a huge crowd favorite with his amazing personality. He is not a man easily missed

15th century persona: Finbar McDermot. Man-at-arms in service of Bradwardyn’s Company. Served at Barnet and Tewkesbury. Finbar became a professional military man when he met Bradwardyn at a tavern and decided to join his company. Finbar would like to make enough money to return home to his native Ireland and purchase a farm and raise a family.

18th century British persona: Lt. Edmund Garrison. Lieutenant in the service of the King’s 8th Regiment of Foote. Edmund has served in the 8th Regiment of Foote for 3 years and started out as a private. After proving his skill with his firelock and sense of command on the field of battle, Edmund was eventually promoted to lieutenant. Lt. Garrison continues to put God and Country at the top of his priority list. Additionally, Lt. Garrison looks forward to putting the barbaric Scots in their place; in service to the Crown of England.