About Combatant’s Keep

Combatants Keep was born out of a sincere love of the Middle Ages and a deep-seated frustration for historically inaccurate productions that misled the public.  After many years of service in the Renaissance Festival circuit, it became the desire of our founders to create an entertaining, educational re-enactment group that could fill the void between entertainment and education without sacrificing the pageantry, drama, and spectacle that are synonymous with the Middle Ages.

In time, a new challenge presented itself to the members of Combatants Keep: the opportunity to bring their own special blend of educational entertainment to a new historical time period – the 18th century.   After numerous requests for customized performances centered around the historical conflicts of the British Army and the Highlanders of Scotland, Combatants Keep endeavored to answer the call of both the Scottish Society and the Pioneer Reenactment Community with the 18th Century Highland Challenge.  This equally well-researched production featured historically documentable clothing and equipment faithfully reproduced to be period correct.  It was this attention to detail that brought the reality of the past to life in vivid color.

In keeping with the ever-changing needs of our various clientele and performers, Combatants Keep is now entering into its new phase as parent organization for the medieval enthusiasts of our ranks and our 18th century reenactors, as well.  To that end, Combatants Keep has been completely re-organized to provide a support network for its members and their interests.  The means by which we have chosen to accomplish this feat is to create and sponsor two independent sub-groups: Order of the Rose-1475 and 1745 A Highland Challenge. Both groups are autonomous of one another but working together under the auspices of Combatants Keep.

The personnel of Combatants Keep are all experienced reenactors who were hand-picked for their knowledge.  The combat sequences depicted in each presentation are choreographed for safety using time-honored professional techniques to produce a realistic believable conflict.  The equestrian arts are not choreographed and each contestant actively competes to display his or her talents in the art of Chivaliery (the Medieval art of horsemanship).  Presentations include a post performance show-and-tell held in the Combatants Keep encampment, where the members engage in authentic daily activities of the period.